‘Little bit of Heaven’ (Quote from a father)

The non-resident parent or grandparent will find a welcoming atmosphere at the Centre where families can meet under the watchful eye of fully trained caring volunteers.

image of children playing with a parent

It is a warm and friendly place for parents or grandparents to spend quality time with their children or grandchildren.  There are three large rooms in which there is the opportunity for play, painting, video games and even an indoor sandpit.

On fine days families can enjoy playing football, cycling and picnics in the large garden. Coffee, tea, juice and biscuits are always available and food provided by the parent can be enjoyed in this relaxed informal atmosphere.

When parents separate it is the children who become victims of an unhappy and often acrimonious situation. Family relationships break down and the children are often insecure and confused by their new situation. The Watford Child Contact Centre gives non-resident parents the time and space to build and maintain a relationship with their children.

Who Are We?

The Watford Child Contact Centre is a registered charity. The charity was formed sixteen years ago and has achieved accreditation under the standards laid down by the NACCC (National Association of Child Contact Centres) The charity offers supportive contact.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a controlled, child centred, caring, non-judgmental environment. Volunteers are there to support you and your family and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

‘The child is our priority’

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